Fertility Week 1-7 September 2014

Did you know, infertility could be reduced by 50% through healthy lifestyle choices and timing intercourse during the fertile window is also crucial?

Fertility Week is a major focus of the Your Fertility program. The aim of Fertility Week is to promote conversations and raise awareness about the factors affecting fertility, and to provide the opportunity for individuals and health professionals to spread the word.

When you want a baby, timing is everything.

Focus on timing of intercourse.

Most women and men have limited knowledge about the workings of the menstrual cycle and when a woman is most likely to conceive. Knowledge about the fertile window can reduce time-to-pregnancy and help avoid unnecessary IVF treatment. For more information, read our fact file.

We invite all Australian health professionals and fertility organisations to get involved and support Fertility Week. Help share the facts so that every Australian who wants children has the best chance to have a healthy baby.

Did you know?

  • Two thirds of Australians have inadequate knowledge about the time in the menstrual cycle when a woman is most likely to conceive, and many women are unaware of their own ovulation pattern.
  • Accurately-timed intercourse is essential in optimising a woman’s likelihood of conceiving by reducing time-to-pregnancy and helps to avoid unnecessary IVF treatment.

It’s not too late to get involved in Fertility Week:

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  • Check out the new resources about timing for women and men.
  • Provide a link to the Your Fertility website on your website: www.yourfertility.org.au.
  • Reproduce an evidence-based article in our series ‘When you want a baby, timing is everything’. Publish the article on your website, blog or newsletter. Different versions have been tailored for female and male audience.
  •  If you work in general practice, view and help promote the Webinar,  ‘Optimising patient fertility’, on fertility issues and preconception planning.
  • Talk to your patients, clients and constituents about the best time for conception.
  • Download or order Your Fertility resources and information pack.
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