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Fertility factors reference list

This list of references reflects current evidence about the impact of parental age and lifestyle factors on: fertility; chance of […]

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Fertility facts for health professionals

Most people want and expect to have children sometime in their life. For some, age and lifestyle factors reduce their […]

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction: Teaching Module

Introduction Family Planning Victoria (FPV) believes sexuality education is paramount in teaching young people selfacceptance, good relationship skills and how to […]

Optimising Patient Fertility

Having the facts about fertility can help men and women make choices that maximise their chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby. In this video aimed at health professionals, Rob McLachlan, Director, Andrology Australia, fertility expert Dr Kate Stern from Melbourne IVF and The Royal Women's Hospital and Professor Stephen Trumble from the Medical Education Unit, University of Melbourne, discuss the role health professionals can play in making patients aware of fertility issues and promoting preconception planning.

How to know you are ovulating - for health professionals

Kerry Hampton, a registered nurse and fertility specialist, speaks to health professionals about the importance of fertility awareness and the roles GPs and practice nurses can play in improving knowledge of timing of intercourse in women of reproductive age.