Fertility Week 2016

1 – 7 September

This year, Fertility Week is talking about the ‘7 ways in 7 days’ people can increase their fertility.

The campaign is focusing each day on a factor – or range of factors – that can affect a person’s ability to get pregnant and have a healthy baby, either naturally or with the assistance of IVF.

We are also launching fact sheets for each of the daily themes (click on the daily title links below to see them).

Increase your chance of getting pregnant through healthy lifestyle choices


1 September – Timing of sex

Pregnancy is really only possible if a couple has sex during the ‘fertile window’ of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Learn more here.

2 September – STIs

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly gonorrhoea and chlamydia, can affect the fertility of both women and men.

3 September – Age

The age of both parents – particularly a woman’s age – affects a couple’s chance of having a healthy baby. Find out more about age and fertility for men and women.


4 September – Parenting begins before conception

The health and lifestyle of both parents before and at the time of conception affects the health of their baby into adulthood. Find out more here.

5 September – Smoking, alcohol and caffeine

Drinking coffee or alcohol or smoking cigarettes can affect a person’s reproductive health. Find out more about the impact of smoking on male and female fertility or the potential effects of drinking alcohol for men and women.

6 September – Weight and exercise

Being overweight – especially significantly so – can affect your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby. Find out how weight can affect female and male fertility.

6 September – Vitamins and minerals

There are supplements people should consider taking if they are pregnant or trying for a baby.

Get involved in #FertilityWeek

Fertility Week is a major focus of the Your Fertility program. The aim of Fertility Week is to promote conversations and raise awareness about the factors affecting fertility, and to provide the opportunity for individuals and health professionals to spread the word.

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If you are a health professional, why not talk to your patients about the seven ways in which they can optimise their fertility and increase their chances of having a health baby?