Fertility Factor: age animation transcript

BARRY: …so SHE wants a baby and I’m not sure I’m ready

ED: Mate, being a Dad’s the best. Watching your kid being born….it’s amazing.

BARRY (CONT’D): …but there’s stuff I still want to do; more travel, my PhD…We need a new car…

ED: No one EVER thinks they’re ready Bazz. And you’re both getting older…

BARRY: Julia’s 33!

ED: Yeah but that’s when a lady’s fertility starts the downhill slide…and you might want more than one. They’re like tattoos, kids.

ED (CONT’D): Good one mate.

BARRY: I know lots of 40-somethings with kids.

ED: Once you hit 45, your swimmers start to get iffy.

BARRY: You reckon I’d be a bunny if I left it too long?

ED: Only at Easter mate.

BARMAN: Oi, no rabbits in the bar!

ED (cont’d): It’s us! Ed and Bazz!