Fertility is ageist

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Source: Dr Karin Hammarberg ‘Age and fertility: Time for a reality check’. Medical Observer, March 2014.

Mother Nature is pretty stubborn when it comes to fertility. She provides a small window of opportunity for most women to become a mum and she closes that window sooner than we’d imagine. Age is the single most important factor affecting fertility. You were born with all the eggs you will ever have and the older you get, the fewer, healthy eggs that remain. Between 30 and 40 your risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus increases fivefold. Sure, we’ve all heard stories of women in their 40’s having healthy babies. But they are exceptions, or have used donor eggs. So how do you improve your chances? If your relationship is ready, start the conversation sooner about starting a family. Give yourself the best chance. Because fertility is ageist.