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If you’re trying for a baby, stay away from painkillers

–  Studies shows that the common over-the-counter painkiller ibuprofen can reduce sperm production and male fertility –  New advice tells […]

Getting ready to be a dad?

Get the facts straight about male fertility For couples trying to get pregnant, both partners can have issues which may […]

Trying for a baby?  8 myths and misconceptions about what’s good and bad for female fertility

There is a lot of information online about what helps or hinders a woman’s chance of getting pregnant and having […]

Sexually transmitted infection on the rise

-The number of people diagnosed with gonorrhoea in Australia is rising at an alarming rate -There has been a drastic […]

Try ‘Your Quit Plan’ for a smoke-free 2018

If you’re planning to have a baby this year, one of the best ways to improve your fertility is to […]